Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Another viruswriter gets a job ??!!!

A former virus writer has secured a job developing anti-virus software. Benny, one-time member of the 29A virus writing group, has begun work as the main developer of Zoner Anti-Virus (ZAV), according to an entry on his home page.
Zoner Anti-Virus is developed by Zoner Software, a small company based in Brno in the Czech Republic. All anti-virus firms refuse to employ virus writers because it’s bad for public relations and because it is also completely unethical. In general, the industry wants to distance itself from malware authors and to discourage the idea that writing viruses is a path into a lucrative career in computer security. There's also the concern that potential customers will be put off from buying security software written by someone who once created malicious code. I wanted to put these points to Zoner Software but no-one qualified to comment was available at the time of writing. Zoner Software definitily don't know how important this ethical thing is inside the anti-virus industry. This is again something unbelievable happening. It reminds me on something I've said some years ago: "Some people really don't know anymore what good and bad is when it comes to computer related aspects! We must teach our children at much earlier age proper internet and computer behaviour , otherwhise we will loose the battle." You can find more in my VB article published in august 2004: The end of CyberCrime? I hope you know what I mean.