Monday, June 13, 2005

A Michael Jackson Trojan? So What?

Oh, I really hate this. Everybody talking about a spam campaign that claims that Michael Jackson has attempted suicide in an attempt to lure innocent computer users into being infected by a Trojan horse. Experts have analysed the code downloaded by clicking on the link, and determined that it itself attempts to download another Trojan horse which is detected as Troj/Borobt-Gen. People this is really NOTHING to worry about! Just one AV company warned for this and nearly everybody started talking about it! Even one of our largest Belgium ISP's got it on their internet portal and it was even on some US TV broadcasting stations. Well I can assure you, I have only talked to ONE customer who has seen it. So please, forget it as this is no real threat, it's one of the hundreds we receive every week, but this was about Michael. So what? This is what I call 'rubbish news' if you know what I mean... Guess what? One day after this Blog was published the 'news' disappeared from the webpages.