Friday, July 01, 2005

Anti-Spyware again wrongly tested and Vacation!

Unbelievable ... again an anti-spyware test which is completely ridiculous. Data News, a local well known Belgian IT magazine, which produces normally quite good tests has tested several spyware packages with the installation of 'one' software which includes some spy- and adware.... that's exactly the same as testing with a 'zoo' of '2' or '3' viruses ... and that's of course not valuable! Even worse, packages which are maybe not so good could be coming up with very good results ... Also the question remains: when is the malware really gone? What is the real malware? So long as we have no clear definition of ad- and spyware I recommend to stop all tests or .. at least do it with over 1000 malwares. I know that's not easy, isn't it? These tests are definitely not the only ones which are done in a wrong way. It happened also before with most of the tests I saw in other international magazines.
There are also other things to say about it but I stay calm as I am busy preparing my luggage for my vacation in France! We are ready to go to do a Tour de France. Ok I'll be away for the next 14 days however I will post a picture from time to time on the Weblog. And like every real AV expert I am prepared when outbreaks should overflow the world. That means that I'm not too far away to jump in action when needed. Nevertheless let's hope the first part of July will stay calm in VirusLand of should I say MalwareLand?