Sunday, August 14, 2005

A fake Belgian hacker and the newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws"

The unbelievable happened again a few days ago. Some guy, Pieter Miclotte, claimed to be 'the most famous Belgian computercriminal'. The paper "Het Laatste Nieuws" spent(waisted) 3 pages on this man. It was even on the first page. Of course this guy is definitely a criminal but definitely he doesn't know enough about computer hacking to be called a hacker. Again an example of very bad journalism.... And then the media attention ... it's a shame that everybody waisted so much time on this guy. Kanaal Z(Belgian tv station) and also 'De Standaard' contacted me to have some realistic opinion and approach to the topic. I will put these interviews on my webpage very soon. Note to 'Het laatste Nieuws' : Maybe you could check with a specialist next time about the real content before publishing it!