Monday, October 24, 2005

Microsoft's new Anti-Virus product ridiculous?

NO NO, that's not what I've said. They are very late to come inside this market. I only have my doubts about the new MS anti-virus product. And that's what I've told exactly to a local newspaper over here called 'De Morgen'. Microsoft got another anti-virus product several years ago without real success. This time I think it will be different. With the acquisition of several anti-virus companies and their search for anti-virus people and the continuing help from the anti-virus vendors to the MS Virus Initiative project it seems that Microsoft could have a good anti-virus product. Has Microsoft enough power to convince companies and home users to only buy their product is another question which will remain open for the next years. I thought we got already a complete anti-malware market... Maybe Microsoft could thank the anti-virus industry...if they will have a succesful product.