Friday, November 18, 2005

Most anti-virus or anti-spyware reviews are wrong!

Most of the 'reviews' are pretty much irrelevant - infact they just annoy me.
There's always assumption on the users ability and configuration - speaking as a neutral for once on this.
Here's the problem - the assumption is that the defence of the system is based on one aspect of how the solution works - an engine/signature. A lot of time and effort was spent in analysing what actions malware typically undertook on launch.The scan engine/signature race is only really relevant if the ONLY process the threat passes through to successful infection is the scan engine/signature. So you CANNOT discount these features. I am sure that most experienced administrators would prefer a system that prevents by default, recognising it as superior and actually understanding what the AV engine is - a last line of defence.
Not accounting for these features is a bit like buying a car based only on the cars engine. It might purr like a kitten, it might pull like a tram, it might sow seeds to compensate for its impact on the environment - but if the dealers are rubbish, or the suspension feels sloppy, or the transmission came from a drill bit and the grip means you spend more time off the road than on it - you shouldn't buy it! A car offers a package of features and benefits - and we generally purchase on balance when whatever is important to us is provided with a particular offering.
In other words, compare like with like - Don't compare the engine with the engine - compare what the customer purchases - The complete PRODUCT - with the complete PRODUCT. And that hasn't been done for ages ... well at least I know what I should buy. (I have it!)