Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sony uses rootkits, 'It's a shame!'

There's been some bad developments in digital rights management systems (DRM) that have security implications. Some DRM systems have started to use rootkit technology. Rootkits are normally associated with malware but in this case a rootkit is used to enforce the copy control policies of audio CDs! Rootkit is technology that hides software from the user and security software. This kind of technology is normally used by malware authors that want their presence to remain undetected in the system as long as possible. DRM software is not malicious but it has other reasons for hiding from the user. DRM software restricts the user's ability to make copies of a record and for that reason uses technology that prevents removal and modification of the software.Sony BMG is currently using a rootkit-based DRM system on some CD records sold in USA. Sony please change your behaviour and please use another method to protect your music! If this become's a habit we could see viruses undetected for our scanners. So may I ask Sony to stop with this behaviour. It's again a prove that most companies don't know anything about real security or let us say 'good security behaviour'.