Friday, January 27, 2006

Wife.d, Nyxem.e or Blackworm not widespread in Belgium and the Netherlands

The real exact infection number counter seems to be around 300.000 infections at this moment. The pie chart shows the total infections by country for all countries with greater than 2000 infected IP addresses. The high infection rates in India, Peru and Italy are interesting to note. It is possible some of these figures are not 100% correct, but I do believe India is the hardest-hit country by far in terms of overall infection rate. Even so, 300.000 infected users worldwide is not a terribly large amount when compared to previous worms like Sober or Mydoom. And like I told you before Belgium and the Netherlands got just a few hundreds of infections. However, with this worm it isn't the quantity of infected users, it is the destructive payload which is most concerning.