Monday, July 10, 2006

Drome: The biggest Lan-event in Benelux.

This weekend my son played at Drome in Hengelo. With 1600 players it was the biggest event of the year. My son is the Battlefield 2 manager of the known Knights* clan. ( This was their first Lan event . They played 2 Leagues, 8 on 8 conquest and 4 on4 Infantery . Results: 3rd place 8 on 8 Conquest and 1st place 4 on 4 Infantery .... Not bad at all ... and they are now officially one of the best clans in the Benelux. Nice to know as well is that the organizers advised everybody to use 'updated' AV-scanners before entering the party! My son reported to me that some of the people over there got some problems with some viruses. BigSkizil (my son Frank) is in the middle of this picture. Of course he didn't got any problems as he always plays with his on-access scanner enabled!