Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Virus Bulletin 2006 Conference Started!

And it was a good start in my opinion. In one of the best keynote speeches I have ever seen my friend Mikko Hyppönen from F-Secure showed the public the history of 20 year malware. A history I made part of for the last 16 years. Mikko you did it again: A nice interesting to-the-point presentation. He reminded me a few hours later that he has read my Blog about the trojans designed to target online computer games and virtual worlds. I must say that McAfee's Blog and Mikko's Blog (see ) reminded me about it but I wrote it after that my colleagues got some problems with it. I do have some good friends involved in these kind of virtual worlds and some of them got the infections as well! I personally have also a 'Second Life' in SecondLife. The thing is that I really want to create awareness of this situation as it seems to become more problematic.
Back to the conference ... I will try to post some pictures of it shortly. And let's hope we will continue to see other good presentations. The goodies at the sponsor booths are not really surprising ranging from what I call 'pepper spray' (an Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer) at the BitDefender booth via 'EICAR-newsletters' at the ICSA booth to 'Keyboard Dusters' from Eset.

BTW If you can find my alter ego (my name is enough) within SecondLife
I'll give you a goodie! ;-)