Monday, April 30, 2007

Google and malicious sponsored links.

Google has removed paid links that advertised seemingly legitimate Web sites but actually tried to install nefarious programs on PCs. The links were displayed as "sponsored links" after visitors entered specific queries into Google's search service. Clicking the links would ultimately go to a legitimate site, but by way of another site that attempted a "drive-by installation" of password-stealing software. Miscreants placed the links using Google's AdWords service for advertisers.

Nevertheless I love Google. Yesterday I registered via Google, just to see how Google Apps are integrated into this 'domain pack'. Honestly it's easy and pretty good in my opinion. And even on a nice day as today with again no rain I was busy with it. Yippeeee, this is now the officially longest period in my life without rain! I love the warming-up effect from the earth .. well at least at this moment. I'm returning to my sunny garden now.