Monday, April 02, 2007

Microsoft will release update for ANI vulnerability on Tuesday.

Microsoft has announced that it will release an update-patch for the ANI vulnerability on Tuesday the 3rd of April. This is a week earlier as they usually release security patches on every second Tuesday of the month but as there is an increasing activity of sites and malware using the ANI vulnerability, they decided to give it an immediate 'go'. You might wonder how they were able to get the update out so quickly considering it was first used in exploits late last week. The issue of the ANI vulnerability was actually brought to Microsoft's attention back in December 2006 according to their their Security Response blog and they've investigating and working on a fix since then. Still I'm worried about this as they possible could already released this maybe last month ... It's good to know however that the AV products now covers most of the new ANI related worms or exploits.