Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My first YouTube broadcast.

I just launched the first WAVCi lab broadcast at
YouTube. You can find my first posting at

You can subscribe and view the complete channel at

The broadcast will be dedicated to anti-malware, viruses and
security. It will be created in a different way compared to
other security broadcasts.

The whole broadcast depends also on what you want. So please
send your reactions to the mailbox I'm mentioning during
the broadcast. It's you who decide what I will do with
the broadcast in the future. I also will divide it up in several
chapters with some specific returning chapters with possibly
some items which have completely nothing to do with
security or anti-malware. Watch carefully and you can even
have a laugh with my 'blooper'.

At this moment you can also win
a full year subscription of McAfee VirusScan if you can
find out what the object is at the end of this first broadcast.
So please have a look and spread the word and also ...
send your requests and comments to the mentioned email address.