Monday, April 09, 2007

World War III started during the Easter weekend!

Of course WW III didn't start this weekend however a large amount of malicious email has been sent with subjects suggesting a missile strike to civilian targents in Iran:"USA Just Have Started World War III" "Missle Strike: The USA kills more then 20000 Iranian citizens" "Israel Just Have Started World War III" "USA Missile Strike: Iran War just have started" Malicious executables with "video.exe", "movie.exe" etc. are attached. The files are detected by some AV vendors as W32/Zhelatin or variants of W32/Nuwar@MM. Also in Belgium we see a large amount of these. And that's not all, I even found a new backdoor/bot detected by no vendor at all at this moment. I've send the samples further to some Anti-Virus labs to add detection to their products ASAP. Happy Easter!