Sunday, May 06, 2007

The EICAR conference problems ...

As everything was normal this year I should have been at the EICAR conference today in Budapest. However due to unforeseen reasons the EICAR conference was cancelled this year. The majority of the papers are already published on-line by Springer and the printed version is being finalised. Here is the text as it will be published very shortly:
"Letter from the EICAR Chairman:
The EICAR Annual Conference is an event that has had its place in the Information Security world for quite a long time with an ambitious program and a long standing reputation for quality and top class presentations on the edge of research and technology. The preparations for the 2007 program have reached the final stage with the support of a great number of volunteers, all well recognised experts in the world of IT security and dedicated to the success of this year's conference. Unfortunately, due to internal administrative issues affecting EICAR's financial liquidity, EICAR was forced to cancel the 2007 conference to avoid further financial commitments that would be necessary for successful conference. In an attempt to confine the damage as much as possible the EICAR Board is following the proposal of its Scientific Director and Program Chair, Vlasti Broucek, and appreciates the help of Eric Filiol (editor-in-chief) to get at least the academic papers published this way. I would like to thank those who have submitted papers for presentation at our conference and can assure that the whole Board is committed to work hard on making the next EICAR conference again a successful event.
Rainer Fahs
Chairman of the Board

If you want to know more about the exact EICAR situation you can always email me and I will give you a honest and up-to-date answer.