Wednesday, June 27, 2007

comp.virus is officially dead.

comp.virus is officially dead...
Of course, in any sense comp.virus has been gone for a good long time, the group itself was slated for removal on june 25 2007... I have still messages on my pc from it - back before I even got on the internet. I have read comp.virus thanks to a fidonet gateway... oh yes, there was the fido VIRUS and VIRUS_INFO echos (in fact those still exist, though they're mostly unused nowadays).
Of course it wasn't long after I found comp.virus that it fell out of use (for reasons that Nick Fitzgerald has probably explained too many times already) and alt.comp.virus was used as a substitute (which proved interesting for all sorts of reasons)... alt.comp.virus (and the more recent alt.comp.anti-virus) are unmoderated, however, and without that control over the quality of the content most of the knowledgeable folks moved on to less noisy environments.
I'm feeling old now .. the removal of comp.virus is like going back to your old neighborhood and discovering that your favourite spot has been broken down and replaced by a large supermarket.