Sunday, June 03, 2007

Estonian DDos attacks and 'De Morgen'

I was interviewed by a known newspaper 'De Morgen' last friday. You can find the full article on my website at the press page. For the people who missed the news about the Russian DDos attack to Estonia I will give here a small overview. It happened about a month ago.
The trouble between the Estonian government and Estonia’s ethnic Russians has taken a new dimension in the online world.
According to Ars Technica:
Cyber-warfare on an unprecedented scale has hammered Estonian web sites for the last weeks in April in the aftermath of the government’s controversial decision to relocate a Soviet-era war monument from the center of Tallinn to the suburbs. Two days of rioting by ethnic Russians, who saw this as an attack on their heritage and on minority rights, quickly transitioned from the real to the virtual world, as government web sites came under DDoS attacks so severe that many agencies shut off access to IP addresses outside Estonia for several days.
Since it seems clear that the attacks come from Russia (some attacks coming allegedly from Russia’s president Putin office), Estonia is raising the issue with NATO. After all, when a NATO-member finds itself under attack, it is the function of NATO to get involved, considering the whole alliance under attack.

However it's not so clear as you think as this kind of attack is not yet officially recognised as an act of war. It's a gap in some international laws. In my opinion it's time to change this ASAP!