Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10 Years at NOXS!

10 Years already working for NOXS ... that's a real record isn't it? Well officially... it's now 16 years in the security and AV industry, 10 1/2 years for NOXS and 23 years in IT.
I got congratulations from NOXS and my colleagues together with a 10 inch digital photo frame, USB stick and a weekend-for-two.
Thank you all!
And it seems that it's not only my hair which is changing color these days. Have a look at this nicely prepared cartoon...
And that's not all, I got a second job description now: Technical Account Manager Open Security Training. It's joining my 'Anti-Malware Technology Expert' title. What does it mean? More work obviously, more Open Security Training (open = vendor neutral eg. CEH, CISSP) related work .

BTW if you want to view my last comment on the iPhone you can find it at my press page and look at the television interviews.
Later this week I will be posting my new Vodcast.