Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A new job, a new life or not?

Two weeks without nothing on my blog is nearly impossible but this time I had to stay on the side ... however just when the press release about my move to my new job was nearly ready, the press itself arrived at my frontdoor to do an interview with me about the exponential growth of the malware we saw the last months. The newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad/Gentenaar' published this at their frontpage yesterday.
If you want you can find the full article here.
I got some radio interviews (4Fm,Qmusic and Radio 2)in the early mornings about this problem as well... with my early morning voice (more later at my press page).

And oh yes .... I'm working now for Kaspersky Lab Benelux as Security Evangelist and will be working together with the analyst team from Kaspersky Lab worldwide to spread the security 'word', if you know what I mean. Of course my focus will be on the Benelux market.
I will publish one of the next days the press release here, so you can read the official words about it yourself.

BTW did you know that I started my first day in Moscow with me doing already a presentation in front of my new colleagues. I can assure you this gives you special vibes. :-)