Sunday, March 16, 2008

Security vendor websites under attack!

Earlier this week, part of the Trend Micro's public online Virus Encyclopedia (VE) was altered via external hacking. The redirect placed on the site didn’t work properly so nobody visiting the hacked pages was at risk of infection. In response to this incident, they shut down the VE for several hours, patched the systems, removed the inserted code, and brought it back to life again. This incident was part of a wider attack on security web sites around the world. In my opinion this is a bad sign as it demonstrates that a lot of hacking is being tried to deface or at least to alter the websites of the 'good' guys. I can assure you that I saw last month several hack-attacks on other very well known security sites. I will not go into detail which other sites have been attacked. I've seen this happening in the past but never on such a scale as this time. Do you have any idea why this is happening now? Does it have anything to do with CEBIT or the upcoming 'InfoSecurity' fairs?