Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm back!

Is Eddy Willems dead? How can we reach Eddy?
Several people sent me some emails because they were worried about what happened to Eddy.... he's not blogging anymore.
Well there are some good reasons why you didn't hear from me ...
First of all I was terribly sick with fever sometimes higher than 39,5 C. A duo biological Salmonella bacteria infected me seriously and I was several weeks out. And it was also very bad timing: it just happened before the main Kaspersky event of the year! This was possibly the first conference or event I'm missing within 20 years time.
However I recovered quite well and just afterwards my vacation period was popping up meaning ... no worries, no calls, no media. That's possibly what you think.
You are of course wrong because I even did a few interviews and two television interviews during my vacation.
Both of them can be viewed at my press page from my site.

Starting from today I'm starting again blogging and there is more reason than you think .. a lot of things already happened going from a Kaspersky press release together with the Natinional High Tech Crime Unit of the Dutch police to the bizar race-to-zero creation and test case!
A case I already spoke about to the press some months ago.