Sunday, September 07, 2008

Goodie Security Picture of the Month

Busy weeks for me ... yes a lot of business and a lot of events to attend to that's what was happening the past weeks. From now I will post a picture from all these events on my blog. Last week we got two nice launching events for our Kaspersky Hosted Security Solution in the Netherlands and Belgium organised by 2 of our distributors. The week before I attended a BBQ event at Copaco Belgium. This week I will attend and speak at the L-Sec Security Conference on Friday. You can have a look at the other speakers on their website at . I will present: 'A Virus Analyst in 15 Minutes?' .

Further on I was cleaning up a little bit my attic where I found a lot of old and newer security goodies (the free give-aways at conferences). So from now on I am going to use the good ones after I throwed away some other rubbish. For this job I got the wonderful help from a Symantec display box. On the picture you can see how you could use it in a creative way. ;-)
BTW It's just coincidence that I used a Symantec 'box' for it.
Other display boxes are also quite good.
This time this picture becomes the Security Goodie of the month!