Friday, October 10, 2008

Eugene Kaspersky and David Perry working for ESET?

Of course they are not! This is just one of the many pictures I've taken during the Virus Bulletin Conference 2008 in Ottawa. It was my 13the VB in a row! And again everybody was overloaded with good presentations ranging from the definition of Cybercrime via Russian spam and botnets to phishing related to the recent worldwide 'bank-problem'. You always can find an interesting subject and if you didn't the networking possibilities are nearly endless. Kaspersky Lab, the company I am working for, was present with 3 speakers and a large team of delegates.

You can see my colleagues Costin Raiu, Roel Schouwenberg and me in the second picture.

You can find my pictures from VB 2008 at this link.
You can even find older pictures from some older events as well over there.

I also put up a movie from the event online at my iTunes and YouTube Channels:

And there are Kaspersky Lab (Internet Security Suite 2009) prices for the first 5 correct answers...