Thursday, October 30, 2008

MS08-067 vulnerability could hit us hard if we don't patch.

Apply the patch referred to in MS08-067 right away, because Trojan horses that take advantage of this security breach are sure to hit us soon. The vulnerability is similar to the hole that was used by the MSBlaster worm, which surfaced on the Internet in 2003. So don't let down your guard. Patch your PC if you haven't already done so, because this exploit is sure to be the focus of malware authors before long.
Since it's only a matter of time until such attacks become widespread, I urge you to reach out to other Windows users you know to ensure that they're protected from this vulnerability — once you've patched your own systems, that is. And oh yes, don't forget to reboot after the patch! A lot of users seems to forget this and this is really needed.