Friday, February 20, 2009

Eddy Willems in S.Crimineel on S.Televisie

What a week.. pff.. 5 days looked like 5 minutes, do you know the feeling?
Of course there was a climax with Eugene Kaspersky our CEO, and my boss, coming to the IDC European Security Conference. After a terrific panel session with several other experts and loads of interviews with the press including a very nice one with Kanaal Z we went out for a good diner in the known Beenhouwerstraat in Brussels.
Returning home and zapping to all the tv-channels I realised that not only Eugene was on it (Kanaal Z), I saw myself showing up in S.Crimineel on S.Televisie, a 3 times in a day repeated show about criminality and law in general. A quite long show and interview for about 23 minutes in one long shot taken without cutting. You still can watch the show until next Thursday if you have cable television from Telenet, a known ISP and cable provider in Belgium.
So everybody will at least see somewhere something from Kaspersky! For the people who don't have cable tv or Telenet I will put a link to the show shortly on my site on the press page.
So lets see what the next week will bring after this strange and quick week and of course .. the hacks of the websites from Kaspersky, Bitdefender, F-Secure and Symantec .... but that's another story.