Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A day in the Life of a Kaspersky Lab Security Evangelist...

A day in the life of an Security Evagelist is sometimes unbelievable overloaded.
Today I answered 150 emails on a total of 479 I've got and the day isn't finished yet. I spoke to a couple of journalists. I traveled to Hilversum in the Netherlands where I'm writing this short blogpiece. I have a hotel just in front of the 'mediapark' where I will have an interview tomorrow with an 'NOS' journalist for the evening TV journal and radio journal about the Shadowbotnet case. Indeed the case comes in a second phase as Friday will be the preview of the real case before coming to 'Justice'. I also arranged today an interview with 'S.televisie' a Telenet Cable channel in Belgium next week where I will be interviewed in the program 'S.Crimineel' about internet crime. Tomorrow in the afternoon I will present 'A Virus Analyst in 15 Minutes?' at IT Security Heliview in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands.
And possibly after that I will travel back home with my car where I will encounter several traffic jams....

And guess what, my Kaspersky Lab anti-malware program is just detecting and blocking an intrusion to my laptop ... just at the end of the end of this blog.
Nice isn't it, working with a not protected internet connection from this hotel.. well at least I know what to do and I'm good protected but is that the case with everyone in this hotel? I don't think so.
This was a normal day in the normal life of a Security Evangelist and there are people who think that I got an easy job.