Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Preparing for Kaspersky Regatta and the EICAR conference...and Twitter

Life is too short, isn't it. I'm already started planning events and meetings in September and October this year and I try to prepare myself for the Regatta from Kaspersky Lab Benelux tomorrow. I will post a picture from the event over here.
Friday I'm flying to Berlin to be ready for the upcoming EICAR conference in the Steigenberger Hotel. We have a terrific agenda with even Fred Cohen as a speaker at the event. You can find more at
and if you want to come, there are still seats available.
I'm doing now about 2 local events a week not including my discussions with press, some large customers and international events. And that's just one part of my work.
But is my work not my hobby? Most of the time yes .. but it's a dangerous situation if you know what I mean...

And for people who didn't know it yet, you can follow me
on Twitter:
I'm inviting you all.

And concerning the safety on Twitter... pay attention please as I did see already a lot of security problems related to Twitter itself.