Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Botwars ... another scary day!

Computer worms that have brought down systems around the world in recent days are starting to attack each other. There appear to be three different virus-writing gangs turning out new worms at an alarming rate, as if they were competing to build the biggest network of infected machines. The varieties of three worms -- "Zotob," "Bozori" and "IRCbot" -- are still exploiting a gap in Microsoft Windows, mostly Windows 2000 operating systems, on computers that not had the flaw repaired and were not shielded by firewalls.
The latest variants of Bozori even remove competing viruses like Zotob from the infected machines. The worms caused also some havoc in Belgian branches of some large international US companies. I've given interviews to QMusic, RTBf radio, Kanaal Z, Belga, De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws (Interesting for 'HLN': this is one of the first times they contacted me, I hope we can establish a good relationship!). VTM and VRT contacted me as well but only to acquire information for a short news item. And I almost forgot ... I advised in the morning the BIPT to send out a virus alert as it was really needed.
Strange, just a few weeks ago I told you that there was a big outbreak coming after some quiet months ... never mind ... stay tuned over here (advice for everyone) and I will keep you updated of the situation ... definitely if it's getting worse.