Thursday, August 18, 2005

Returning to normal.

The outbreak of the varieties of three worms -- "Zotob," "Bozori" and "IRCbot" are turning to a normal situation over here. No more companies are attacked anymore. It's also very noticable how mostly US companies have been infected... Some media are comparing this outbreak to Sasser making this outbreak bigger than the Sasser outbreak. This is incorrect in my opinion however it is true that only a few days were needed to use the MS05-039 vulnerability into some worms. The Sasser worm was made in a few weeks. This is worrying as this timescale seems to reduce every year exponentially. How far are we away from a large zero-day exploit attack? Nevertheless press and media are still interested in all the details. We got interviewed by newspapers 'Het Laatste Nieuws', 'De Tijd' and 'De morgen' today.