Monday, September 19, 2005

Another wave of Bagles

Another serie of Bagles are being spammed at this moment in slightly variable ZIP files. And we see a lot of them also in Belgium ... So it's update time again! I hope the updates will be in time to catch most of these new Bagle downloaders. The seeding is very aggressive.

And it was also a special day today ... ;-)
I will explain this mistery within the next weeks.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bagles and prices...

Series of Bagle downloaders have been spammed last night in slightly variable ZIP files.
The ZIPs always contain a CPL control panel extension, typically named with the word "price" in it. And we see it a lot also in Belgium ... So it's update time!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

My article in Datanews.

Datanews, a vnu publication, has asked me to write an article for the security special last week. This article has been published last friday 9 september 2005 (nr 29). It's a complete overview concerning all the problems we've seen with malware during the last year. If you read it you will see that I'm very critical about the people who install the anti-virus software. It's mostly there where you see a lot of problems coming up lately. People think they install the software (or hardware) correct but that's definitely NOT always the case... and unfortunately that's also one of the reasons why people or companies change to other products. Please try to find a specialist who will do it together with you. I will add the article shortly to my press page of my site.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina 'fraud' sites appearing everywhere!

I continue to see more and more new web sites popping up proclaiming to be a charitable organization who is collecting donations for folks affected by Katrina. While there are some valid new sites out there, by far the majority of these continue to be nefarious in nature, setup by folks just out to make a quick buck. If you wish to make a donation of cash or materials to help folks impacted by Katrina, I would recommend you provide your donations to an older, established organization and not to one formed in the last week. While there are valid new charities out there, they are quite possibly just learning how to deal with the distribution of the donations. An established organization should already have procedures, contacts and experience for dealing with the distribution of donations.