Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back Home ... always malware problems at the end of August?

I'm back home from Corsica ... and did you really think that I didn't do anything malware related over there? Well I've been contacted by the press for an interview with VRT (Belgian Broadcast station). I will report more on this shortly. And that's not all .. I'm just home and guess what? Indeed, 'De Standaard' newspaper was calling me for another interview. You can read it all today or later at the press page. What happened during my week off ... well let's see: another Sony rootkit related problem appeared, more RTF spam, monster.com was attacked and some other malware problems. Honestly speaking, that has been the reason why I normally did not go on vacation at the end of August the last 10 years. During the past years we've got always a small boost of malware at the end of the summer vacations. And I thought that it all was over this year. I was clearly wrong!