Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Phishing, Trend Micro and a VRT 'Koppen' interview!

Beware of spammed email messages claiming to be from Trend Micro. I even got one in one of my honeypots. It redirects you to a fake Trend Micro website and tries to entice users to download a supposedly free trial version of Trend Micro AntiSpyware software by clicking on a link. Clicking on the links found on these pages eventually leads to the downloading of possibly malicious files. The phishing site seems to be down at this moment. This is a perfect example that really no one is safe for such cases. Users must try to be aware enough to find out that such a site can be a fake one. In this case a fake website address at was used. This was easily viewable in the browser bar. Of course the original site can be found at . It can happen as well to other vendors (and it has been) so please be careful as always.

Seems to me that phishing and identity theft are very hot issues these days. I was interviewed a few days ago about these issues by the Belgium National Broadcast(TV) VRT for the magazine 'Koppen'. If everything goes on like it should be, it will be scheduled Thursday evening 6 September in prime time.