Wednesday, September 26, 2007

VB2007 a success and an overview ...

This year the VB conference in Vienna was a really good one with a lot of interesting talks. I was only chairing some sessions this year so I got a lot of time to listen to a lot of interesting papers and to meet a lot of new faces in the industry. Presentations about 'Second Life malware' via the 'Stom worm' to an interesting 'malware resistent virtual keyboard' and also 'The strange case of Julie Amero' are to be remembered. VB you did a good job this year. Between a dozen of meetings I tried to make over 200 pictures this year which you can find on my wavci picture site at .
And oh yes, I even used geotagging on the pictures so you can look them up via Google Maps with an exception for the 'inside' pictures.
The picture over here gives you an overview of the Wildlist reporters during the Wildlist meeting. You can find more of the Wildlist at . You can find me in the middle of it.
And that's not everything ...
I even created a small movie which I converted in a new Vodcast.
You can find this at the link .
It will give you a different look at the VB2007
conference and some way to see how anti-malware experts
work together during such a conference ...
You can subscribe and view the complete channel at .
If you want to download this Vodcast in mp4 format(iPod)
you can do this via the link .
If you have iTunes installed you can watch
via the WAVCi iTunes channel .

Many thanks goes to the members of our round table (Companies: Microsoft, Norman, Messagelabs, Florida Institute of Technology, Lockheed, Grisoft and NOXS) and of course to the VB crew...