Saturday, October 20, 2007

EICAR, MP3 Spam, media stuff, etc ...

I'm getting ready for the EICAR member's meeting this year in Munich, Germany this year. The timing is exceptional as we did have to suspend the EICAR's conference this year. However EICAR is back very strong and we will announce more about the upcoming cconference during the next weeks!
Like I told in my former blog I'm terribly busy and the media is also terribly busy with me. I got a very interesting interview with Koen Fillet from Radio 1 and also the newspaper 'De Morgen' asked my reaction about the fraude countermeasures from the FCCU in Belgium. You will find those 2 interviews shortly on my press page.
And more is coming in P-magazine normally next week .... a magazine with sometimes .. eh interesting 'babes'. ;-)
And how's everything on the malware front ... well I see more MP3-spam coming up: this is again a new beginning upcoming problem, maybe not really problematic for enterprises but definitely for home users! So pay attention from now for MP3-spam.
GFI notified me concerning this new problem. A sample of this mp3 spam can be downloaded at .

Oh yes, at the end of next week I'm leaving for a city trip to Lissabon with my wife. I can assure you: I need it!