Sunday, May 24, 2009

EICAR Conference 2009 Summary (Berlin)

The EICAR conference 2009 held at the Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin, Germany from 9th to 12th May 2009 was a great success. The hotel provided perfect conference facilities, excellent food and due to their demonstrated flexibility in response to our short term changing requests, considerably contributed to the success of the conference. The absolute highlight was the keynote by Fred Cohen and the following discussions throughout the next two days in respect to his virus definition and the negative annotation of it. The paper “Applied parallel coordinates for logs and network traffic attack analysis” written by Sebastian Tricaud and Philippe Saadé was awarded the “Best Paper Award”, an excellent decision by the conference committee. The level of presented scientific papers as well as the one for the industrial papers was excellent and very well balanced. Many more papers have been submitted but, though of good quality, some had to be rejected because of simply insufficient space on the agenda. 'Moderated by the EICAR Chairman of the Board, Rainer Fahs, Panel members form AMTSO (Andrew Lee), CARO (Morton swimmer), EICAR (Eric Filiol), and ICSALabs (Andrew Hayter) represented a brought array of stakeholders in the anti-malware field and came to the conclusion that the complexity of the issue requires close cooperation between all stakeholders since isolated developments would not be a good way ahead.' (cfr. Rainer Fahs) During his farewell address the Chairman of the Board announced that, due to the generous offer by ESAT France, next year’s EICAR conference will be held from Saturday 8th to Tuesday 11th May 2010 in Paris at The conference facility of the Ecole Supérieure et d’Application des Transmissions (ESAT). A call for papers as well as more detailed information about our conference 2010 will be published soon.

If you want to read more about the EICAR conference please have a look at the upcoming June issue from the famous Virus Bulletin magazine. I wrote the summary.

Oh yes the picture .. from left to right: Eddy Willems (me), Fred Cohen and Eric Filiol.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Preparing for Kaspersky Regatta and the EICAR conference...and Twitter

Life is too short, isn't it. I'm already started planning events and meetings in September and October this year and I try to prepare myself for the Regatta from Kaspersky Lab Benelux tomorrow. I will post a picture from the event over here.
Friday I'm flying to Berlin to be ready for the upcoming EICAR conference in the Steigenberger Hotel. We have a terrific agenda with even Fred Cohen as a speaker at the event. You can find more at
and if you want to come, there are still seats available.
I'm doing now about 2 local events a week not including my discussions with press, some large customers and international events. And that's just one part of my work.
But is my work not my hobby? Most of the time yes .. but it's a dangerous situation if you know what I mean...

And for people who didn't know it yet, you can follow me
on Twitter:
I'm inviting you all.

And concerning the safety on Twitter... pay attention please as I did see already a lot of security problems related to Twitter itself.