Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NOXS has been acquired by Westcon.

The company, NOXS, I work for has been acquired by Westcon. Westcon Group, Inc. and Unit 4 Agresso announce today that a UK-based subsidiary of Westcon Group, Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire NOXS, the value-added distribution arm of Unit 4 Agresso’s Internet and Security division. With this acquisition, Westcon Group executes another step in its global strategy of building strength in key areas of networking, convergence, security and mobility in which it has an existing $2 billion business. The acquisition of NOXS positions Westcon to become a leading multinational distributor of network security products and solutions. After the acquisition, Westcon’s customers will have access to NOXS’ expertise, solutions and services, enabling them to bring integrated security solutions to their networking, convergence and mobility customers. Similarly, NOXS’ customers will have access to a broader set of opportunities in which their knowledge of solutions such as Unified Threat Management, mobility security, network access control and regulatory compliance have become mandatory requirements.
For me, it's business as usual and hopefully it will stay like that or possibly even improve. The future will prove it. For more info you can look at the websites
http://www.westcongroup.com or
http://www.noxs.com .