Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spam, Mac OS X and getting ready for Russia!

At last P-Magazine published an interview with me, but it was a faulty version. I asked 3 times to change the definition for Spim and Smishing unfortunately without result! So spim is spam for instant messaging ans smishing is phishing via sms.
Nevertheless the rest of the article is quite good! You can have a second read at my press page.

Looks like the Mac Trojan (OSX/DNSChanger) was not an isolated incident. The gang behind it seems serious about targeting Mac users as well as Windows users. And they keep putting out slightly modified versions of the trojan for the Mac too... I'm pretty sure and I predicted this already several years ago and also at the beginning of this year in the Belgian IT magazine DataNews that Mac users would be targeted heavier in the future as a result of the popular OS.

This week will be my Russian week (see my Blog last week) .. at least if everything goes well and if I will get my flight tickets which is not the case yet. Let's hope that I can blog from over there.