Sunday, June 21, 2009

The fight against Cybercrime.

I'm again on the road ... well the last few weeks I was traveling to several countries and went to several events which all have to do with security. So crisis and security are definitely not connected to my opinion. I also visited several Police Crime Units in several countries and guess what.. they don't have all the same questions or remarks. This confirms that there is (and will be) still a lot of work to be done within this environment: the fight against cybercrime is just in his baby phase but will tackle the real organised (cyber)crime in the future. Let's also hope it can tackle most of the possible cyberwar-attacks too.
Next week I'm in Dubrovnik for Kaspersky's 10the Virus Analyst Summary, an internal and external conference, where we will talk about new technologies and techniques and after that I'm back home for the launch of our new consumer products with a beatiful set and combination of new technologies in Kaspersky Lab's fight against new malware.
Watch out!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Elections and a special week...

It will be an interesting week for me, starting with my votes for the Flemish and European Parliament, taking afterwards a plane to do some secret business (presenting) in Lyon, France ... hmmm, what will I do over there...., flying back and presenting on a Belgium Security event organised by (Qcom) Van Roey, driving back to a Citrix event in Antwerp, driving the next day to Luxembourg where I will present again on a Lannews Security event in Luxembourg and ending with the Ingram Showcase in Edingen/Enghien in Belgium back home. So if you think I always have time to put something up on my blog ... no way. However I updated my website with some interesting pictures taken during some events like the last EICAR conference and some other events. Further on: keep following me on Twitter of course!