Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm too busy with security events ...

I will be giving a presentation tomorrow at IDG's in-the-cloud event (Netherlands). Next week I will be in Geneva, Switzerland for my 14th Virus Bulletin conference. This time I will be sponsored by EICAR and I will bring the CFP and the News magazine from EICAR with me. After this I will give a lecture at the CBM masterclass event (Netherlands, 30 September) and the day afterwards I will give another lecture at Nemesys also in the Netherlands... And that's only the beginning. And I'm missing a lot of other events, I just have no time to visit them all. Maybe I should try to split me up in 2 or 3 or maybe a virtual copy of myself. Well that's a future thingy isn't it. Just keep an eye on my Twitter space where you can find some more info, if I have the time for it.
Let's hope I don't forget my birthday in meantime... ;-)